Fees & Specials


It should be clear to everyone that I and my unique service come at a price. So I ask you not to haggle with me. I receive you in the rental studio in Berlin Zehlendorf, I visit you and accompany you on business trips. Please note that the prices apply to the pure playing time. There are also costs for travel, accommodation or the rental Mistress studio! If you make a deposit in the form of a bank transfer or cash payment, you have a fixed date of your choice.

Session costs

  • 30 MIN Playtime = 150,- €
  • 60 MIN Playtime = 300,- €
  • 60 MIN Foot erotic = 200,- €
  • Clinic surcharge = 25,- €

Travel companion costs

  • 60 Min = 350,- €

A deposit is required for longer sessions!


If you book a session for the Mistress studio, I offer you special & exclusive offers! 

Serious Kit Special

Thanks to the very well equipped studio, a session with the Serious KIt is possible for all rubber & latex lovers. With the Serious Kit you will experience a bondage latex experience on cloud 7 level, thanks to its large unisex latex suit, its large kettle, its powerful pump and the matching breast, penis, testicles and anus vacuum cylinders, you can experience unimagined feelings of tightness and warmth. The whole thing can be massively increased with the ET-312 using electricity.


  • 2 hours Heavy Rubber Electro Vacuum Serious Kit Session for only = 500,-€ 

Long term education Special

I am also happy to offer you long-term education. Your generation can be planned from 5 hours to a maximum of 24 hours. Note the pure playing time is 5 hours and are individually designed over the duration of the session. If you have any special requests for the course of the session, please let me know in the contact form!


  • Long-term session 5 to 24 hours (pure playing time 5 hours) = € 1000